Sean's dramatic transformation

Jeff currently (left) and Week 1 of training (right)

Jeff overcoming injury to CRUSH his 1st Marathon in 3hrs 30mins

Jeff overcoming injury to CRUSH his 1st Marathon in 3hrs 30mins



"Rua worked on my training, posture and gave me diet advice for 4 years and still to this day i implement it in my daily life to maintain my goals. 
Exceptional knowledge and thorough research has been done by rua for over 10yrs and it shows. 
A wealth of broad knowledge on rua's part helped me achieve my own goals and improve my confidence."




Jeff Winslow

Jeff is an NYC based actor and bar owner who came to us looking to get in the best shape of his life, with existing injuries and limitations and a hectic work and travel schedule.


"I started training with Bua Fitness almost one year to the day before my mum passed away after 4 years of fighting stage four Terminal Cancer. Wow that was a topic sentence and a half. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I got into health and fitness in the late 90's in Scotland when training wasn't as cool and instagram dominant as it is today.My mother was the inspiration to this as she was an avid runner, aerobics and circuit training enthusiast who didn't smoke or drink and ate "clean" and "healthy". Even at the ripe old age of 36 I'm still known as one of the guys who's been at it all his life and gain that level of respect from the younger generation. I played soccer, lifted weights, got a personal training certification and just went about my training by training hard and haphazardly with no real structure or consistency to it.......I was consistently inconsistent! Fast Forward 15 years and I own my own Bar in New York City. I haven't lifted a weight or played a soccer game in months.......maybe even a year, I own a bar so naturally I'm eating the food (delicious) and drinking the booze behind the bar (equally delicious)  all day every day and because we had just done 4 months of construction and spent a fortune there was the added stress. The cherry on the icing on that very unhealthy stress cake was that my mum was very sick and the guilt that I wasn't home to be with her ate me up inside. This lead to me putting on weight and gaining body fat. I was diagnosed with anxiety and "mild" depression by the doctor just for good measure. Now don't get me wrong I wasn't obese and hid it well but it's how I felt that was the most important......physically AND MENTALLY. I had to make a change. I had two wonderful business partners who helped me more than they had to, the bar business is not for the fainted that time I had a faint heart. They sacrificed working even longer hours and selflessly got me out of my nightmare so I could get healthy. 

Now because of Bua fitness I saw changes in as little as 2 weeks. I've never been fitter, stronger, faster, more powerful or more aesthetically pleasing naked (my opinion). At the start I'm assuming everyone leaves their ego at the door, I sure as hell did, "but I can lift heavier", "I've done this exercise before". After almost 4 years I've realized that they're just preparing the body for the next phase in your individual specific goals depending what you want to achieve. The nutrition as we all know or maybe not,  is the key to everything, the holy grail of fitness and achieving fitness goals. You can specify how many times a day you can eat depending on your job and they will sort it so you can get all your necessary nutrition in daily. The point is that once you get going and do the work you don't have to be as strict as a body builder or fitness competition model (although if that's what you want to achieve then they can do that to) you learn to make SMART CHOICES. I'm at a level now where not only do I have cheat meals, I have cheat weeks and have even had a cheat month........not advised but I bounced back much quicker than if I didn't have Bua fitness in my life. Bua fitness trains you smart not necessarily hard........but imagine the results if you can train smart AND hard?????.......because Bua fitness are constantly updating their certifications with the newest training and dietary findings the opportunities are endless. 

My mum passed away on January 10th 2015, as hard as it was and was always gonna be I can't imagine how I would've handled it without having that years worth of training and nutrition under my belt. I spent 3 weeks at home and was in the gym most days helping me through the grieving process and fighting my own personal demons.........I continue use the gym for both of those to this day.

It sounds dramatic but Bua fitness saved and changed my can change yours to.

To say that I recommend this online training service is an understatement. 

If anyone wants to hear more as to why Bua fitness is wonderful and genuine and actually knows what it's talking about feel free to email or call anytime. Here is my before and after photo ..... to the right is the first week and to the left is me currently. DO IT!"


Jeff Winslow

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