Bua Fitness was founded for one reason - to help you with long-term, lasting change to your body, your health and your state of mind.

Rua Gilna has over 13 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. His roles range from training the general population to elite level athletes.

He has a background in martial arts, gymnastics, breakdancing and yoga. His passion for helping people stems from his own journey through fitness and the confidence it gave him.


Jeff Winslow

"Now because of Bua Fitness, I saw changes in as little as 2 weeks. I've never been fitter, stronger, faster, more powerful or more aesthetically pleasing naked (my opinion). At the start I'm assuming everyone leaves their ego at the door, I sure as hell did, "but I can lift heavier", "I've done this exercise before". After almost 4 years I've realized that they're just preparing the body for the next phase in your individual specific goals depending what you want to achieve. The nutrition as we all know or maybe not, is the key to everything, the holy grail of fitness and achieving fitness goals. "

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We offer 1-to-1 and small group personal training, nutritional guidance and injury rehabilitation. For more information, send us a message!

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