Why Diet Coke and Dieting Suck...

I hate “Diet” drinks. They taste like crap. It’s like a chalky tasting can of lies and disappointment. It’s not better for you. It’s not better for your health for a whole variety of reasons. They aren’t even better for weight loss (seriously google those studies). That same feeling of being lied to is pretty prevalent in the fitness industry. Paying for something which is less than what is delivered. It sucks.  I am generally against anything that purports to be “good for you” when it isn’t. Unfortunately nowadays that includes a lot of things in the health and fitness industry. 


The idea that is often touted that a 4 week quick fix diet  or cleanse can make up for 30 years of eating like shit is one of those. It’s the unpalatable, saccharin bullshit of the nutrition world. Real results take time, even more so if you want to keep them. It leads us all to the inevitable disappointment when our “10 Day Ab Blitz” nonsense program doesn’t reveal the rippling 6 pack or flat stomach we were promised. The lying bastards...

(For reference: My shortlist of other things that are definitely bad for your health, in no particular order: the music of Justin Bieber, artificial sweeteners, lack of sleep, Donald Trump, smoking and waking me up when I have had less than 7hrs of sleep).

We are constantly bombarded with images and advertisements promising instant gratification and unbelievable results. Very few deliver. There are a llot of different camps when it comes to nutrition which people will defend vehemently and that is a discussion for another day...

By nature people are tribal and like to throw themselves wholeheartedly behind their chosen philosophy. Whether that is “Eating Clean”, Paleo, Ketosis or any of that other junk. They almost all just follow a model of calorie, food group or macronutrient restriction (aka The Basics) and dress it up all pretty. The devotees usually get pretty butthurt when you challenge them, almost zealous, but people have been getting in shape since the beginning of time – the basics never change even though our environment has – drastically. We move less and eat less nutritionally dense and more calorically dense food. We are subjected to much more chemical, noise and light pollution than ever before. It is a recipe for the slow but continuous weight gain  and poor health which we see all too often nowadays. Worse still, none of these programs provide us with a realistic long term approach to managing or losing unwanted weight.


The fact of the matter is, when it comes to nutrition – sustainability is king. If you cannot commit long term to any philosophy or way of eating, then it isn’t the right one for you. Period. Short term programs will yield short term results. Simples.

Sustainability? It’s not sexy or new. It’s not revolutionary but It IS the truth. I know this is a bigger letdown than your first sexual experience…. Or at least mine. And most people embarking on these diets know even less about what they are doing than a 17  year old awkwardly fumbling between the sheets. I was a late bloomer. Shut up.


Millions of people every year embark on short term nutritional interventions, succeed for a couple of weeks and then crash and burn after little to moderate success. It becomes a predictable rhythm every January 1st after 3 cocktails too many and fervent promise to oneself on New Year’s Eve, before the looming beach vacation or even both.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

A large portion of the gym-going, health conscious public fall into this trap, just spinning their wheels, never really progressing after their 1st couple of months. If we want to change significantly, we have to implement significant change. It sounds really obvious when you say it like that right!? Well, what does that change look like?


It starts with creating successful habits. In the gym, the kitchen and beyond! Our War On Fat Program will allow you to control your own nutrition, while learning how to lose weight AND keep it off in a really sustainable way (read: you don’t have to give up your social life). After completing the standard program (6 months) you will be able to regulate your food intake with little to no effort. No special diets, no off limits foods (I’m not taking your pizza away). Just giving you the tools to be successful for the rest of your life.


This is accompanied by our App, which delivers all of your customized training plans straight to your phone, allows us to track what you have done and lend a hand or give you feedback and congratulations when you are kicking ass.

I would almost go as far as to say that it’s foolproof, but you should never underestimate the ingenuity of fools.

If you want to break the cycle and give up the Diet Coke Dieting (taste of disappointment), sign up to our War On Fat Coaching Program today. Then feel free to lord it over everyone at your New Year’s eve party.

Everybody who signs up before 9/15 gets their 1st month for just $10! Mail us to find out how!





Rua Gilna